The REALEYES team: David Ommer, Martin Hansen, Felix von Laffert, Ljubov Chemerisov, Frank Reger, Philipp von Trotha (from left to right).

During his time as a student, Felix von Laffert was already fascinated with the idea of creating 3D images, whose complete spatial effect could be perceived by the viewers without any visual aids. He used his academic studies in the field of physics to acquire more in-depth knowledge on this topic and soon realized his first images of objects, which could actually be seen as three-dimensional objects with the naked eye. Additional experiments yielded more and more conclusive results, and having graduated with a degree in physics, he was able to establish REALEYES in 2006 together with his cousin Bodo von Laffert, an entrepreneur and his friend and practicing attorney Philipp von Trotha. From the very beginning, the goal of this Kiel-based startup was to develop a new medium to portray three-dimensional images, e.g. for the advertising market, but also for other areas of business such as art and light design.

Presentation of the first prototype in line with the Innovationstag Mittelstand (“Innovation Program for SMEs”) 2010 in Berlin. Photo: VIP support. Wolfgang J. Riedel, Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM; Rainer Brüderle, former Federal Minister for Economics and Technology; Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Stefanie Heiden, CEO of AiF; Dr.-Ing. Thomas Gräbener, Chairman of AiF; Felix von Laffert, Chief Technology Officer REALEYES; Philipp von Trotha, Commercial Director REALEYES (from left to right).

The business concept of the REALEYES shareholders proved to be so compelling that the company managed to win numerous startup competitions and acquire various national subsidies. Furthermore, helpful assistance was provided for technological advancement by the experts of renowned partners such as the Freiburger Fraunhofer Institute for Measurement Techniques IPM or the Institute for Computer Sciences at the University of Kiel. At the end of the developmental work, REALEYES was able to secure its innovative 3D technology in the most relevant markets by means of patents.

When the first REALEYES 3D displays were finally launched at the beginning of 2011 after years of preparation, these displays were immediately seen as a groundbreaking innovation for the advertising market by the agencies and marketing experts in the advertising industries and service providers, and were soon implemented into various campaigns. Global players such as Marlboro, Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft, the Deutsche Telecom or the Swiss watch manufacturer Hublot were among the first movers.

With a demand which is still growing strong today, REALEYES 3D displays have become evermore technically mature. The displays, which are produced and supplied by this innovative company in Kiel, no longer have much in common with the first generation products in regard to qualitative factors. In addition, the consistent consolidation of the sales structures and the affiliation with several significant strategic partners, essentially implemented by the Commercial Director Philipp von Trotha, provided for increasing sales. Meanwhile, the expansion of the REALEYES portfolio with numerous products and services, which center around the application and presentation of the displays as well as the creation and modeling of 3D templates, have had an hand in this.

The founders: The attorney Philipp von Trotha and physicist Felix von Laffert (from left to right).

The addition of further supplementary offers into the product range of the REALEYES is in the pipeline. However, that is not by any means the end of this company’s story. The physicist Felix von Laffert, for one, is already mulling over even more effective alternatives in display technology.