3D displays

REALEYES 3D displays are large-sized advertising spaces, which provide their viewers with a fascinating visual experience.

Whatever is being displayed – whether it’s a living being, an object, graphics or lettering – is done so in an intriguing three-dimensional manner. The objects appear to be coming out up to a meter from the screen and then seem to float there. At the same time, the scenarios can be displayed with a high definition up to two meters in depth, which provides an amazing spatial effect. Therefore, the motifs can be produced on multiple image planes.

Advertising with 3D

REALEYES 3D displays can be experienced without requiring the use of glasses or any other aids.

To a large extent, they work irrespective of the ambient lighting conditions. Consequently, REALEYES 3D displays can be used practically anywhere: as an eye-catcher at trade shows, road shows or customer events, as an attention-grabber in airport or railway station advertising, to engage customers in front of shops, in shop windows or directly at the POS, as a display stand in cinema lobbies or a company’s front entrance, or as an exhibition space at a museum or in a show room.

Planning 3D

If you like, we can take care of everything for you.

Starting with the brainstorming process and motif design to 3D modeling and ultimately, delivery and installation of the REALEYES 3D displays including servicing and changing the motif. You simply need an idea of what you would like to present on your REALEYES 3D displays. A vague notion of what you would like to accomplish and whom you would like to reach with the displays is also useful. We’ll take care of everything else using our skills and the experienced partners in our network. And of course, we will keep you in the loop during all stages of planning.
If you have skills and resources of your own to offer, these can easily be integrated into the production process. In particular, this applies to coming up with the motifs and claims as well as the resulting 3D image ideas, which we then merely have to implement, after we receive them from your creative department or agency. It is possible to implement your contributions to the project, which significantly reduce the production costs, if you provide us with already existing 3D templates or files for modeling purposes. No matter how the 3D campaign is organized – we usually only require up to four weeks to realize it. In other words, the time frame from the initial idea to the installation of your REALEYES 3D display is just about a month!

3D motif

REALEYES 3D displays can in theory show any motif.

Whether it’s people, animals, aliens, plants, objects, landscapes, texts, gimmicks, logos, biscuits and even brilliant cake graphics – for starters, anything can be displayed. However, not every motif is necessarily suitable to be presented in 3D. Due to the particular capabilities of three-dimensional presentation, images, which may well work when printed, do not come out well in a three-dimensional form. Please consult with experienced 3D graphic designers on this issue. For example, with ours! A 3D model is required for a three-dimensional image of any motif, which experienced graphic designers generate on their computers using special 3D software. However, the templates for 3D displays are increasingly also made using modern photographic methods. We would be more than happy to provide you with more detailed information in a personal meeting and if necessary, establish contacts.

Further questions?

Get in touch with us by phone on +49 541 68531550 or send us an e-mail. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Implementing 3D

The implementation of 3D advertising involves no more work than a classic print ad campaign does.

Approximately four weeks are required from the idea for a motif to the installation of the REALEYES 3D display. It usually doesn’t take any longer to develop and implement an exciting overall concept in 3D. To this end, REALEYES offers interesting all-in-one solutions upon request. Of course, our customers can personally contribute to many of the design steps; for instance to the creative side or to 3D modeling. Doing so can, to some extent, significantly reduce the production costs.

Experiencing 3D

REALEYES 3D displays are perceived much more consciously than conventional placards or posters are.

People are impulsively drawn towards the three-dimensional stills, and then remain glued in front of them for up to 40 seconds. Most viewers are initially amazed by the 3D effect, and they then absorb the display in a state of visual delight and excitement. There are more than a few who try to grasp at the motifs and would like to touch them. Many even change their position in front of the screens and try to get a different perspective. Therefore, advertising messages in 3D are much more intensive to take in than normal visual media.

3D production

REALEYES 3D displays are exclusively produced at our production facilities in Kiel according to the processes we developed.

Given that the screens do not display their fascinating 3D effect until there is sufficient background lighting, we produce the appropriate illumination as well. You can purchase them from us in the form of an elegant LED light box in all sizes and colors. The REALEYES 3D display. The objects float in space up to one meter high and have an infinite spatial depth.

REALEYES based in Kiel
For this purpose, we offer four appealing presentation alternatives: the practical wall or ceiling mount on a wire, the equally stylish and stable base stand or the elegant totem display, whose base and frame can also be foil-wrapped in all colors and designs. Moreover, there is a totem model available, which is “playable” on both sides. Of course, we also support our customers in integrating displays into already existing architectures according to their own ideas and plans - for instance in exhibition stands, show rooms or salesrooms. Depending on the size, conditions and type of project, the various applications of REALEYES 3D displays can require very different approaches and efforts. Thanks to our experience in numerous 3D projects, by now we know precisely what those are – and are therefore able to give you just the support you need in each stage of your 3D project. Just ask us! We are more than happy to provide you with comprehensive information regarding all creative, technical and business-related options. Upon request, we can also provide you with a customized offer - For all-in-one solutions as well.

Buy 3D

REALEYES 3D displays can always be purchased, but they can also be rented as well.

The choice is yours! For a first impression, please be advised: Renting a display can be recommended for a one to three time participation in a trade show, an event at the spur of the moment or a temporary campaign, e.g. at the airport in Düsseldorf or Frankfurt on the Main. For nearly all other occasions, purchasing is recommended. But in the end, you are the one who has to do the sums and make the decision! Write us or simply give us a call. We will gladly send you our current price lists for purchases and rentals.

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