3D display with wire suspension

The suspended version of our 3D displays – creates an even greater spatial effect. Four hooks on the display ensure sturdy anchoring in the ceiling and on the floor – literally providing for tension

With a suspended REALEYES 3D Display, its spatial effect can virtually be doubled. Four heavy duty hooks on the top and bottom sides of the light boxes provide for sufficient wire tension towards the top and bottom. Suspended displays are, with the exception of the 2R0 format, available in all sizes; in portrait or landscape format. The back-on-back suspended hanging of two displays also provides an attractive and appealing presentation option.

Detailed information

R2 (approx. DIN A2)
Visible dimensions 3D display: 600 x 408 mm
Outer dimensions of light box: 664 x 472 x 65 mm

R1 (approx. DIN A1)
Visible dimensions 3D display: 824 x 600 mm
Outer dimensions of light box: 888 x 664 x 65 mm

R0 (approx. DIN A0)
Visible dimensions 3D display: 1,208 x 824 mm
Outer dimensions of light box: 1,272 x 888 x 65 mm

R2 approx. 11 kg with light box
R1 approx. 19 kg with light box
R0 approx. 34 kg with light box

Operating voltage
230 V – 50 Hz

R2 53-57 W
R1 108-115 W
R0 215-230 W