3D display wall mount

The classic presentation option for our displays – suitable for all formats.
Displays with a hanging system can be easily attached to any wall or on the ceiling using a thin wire cable.

The wall mounting system of the REALEYES 3D Displays is suitable for permanent applications, e.g. at a point of sale, as well as for temporary presentations at a trade fair stand for instance. There are four standardized holes on the rear sides of the light boxes for the quick attachment of the displays using dowels and screws. Instead of on the wall, the light boxes can also be attached to the ceiling using wires.

Detailed information

R2 (approx. DIN A2)
Visible dimensions 3D display: 600 x 408 mm
Outer dimensions of light box: 664 x 472 x 65 mm

R1 (approx. DIN A1)
Visible dimensions 3D display: 824 x 600 mm
Outer dimensions of light box: 888 x 664 x 65 mm

R0 (approx. DIN A0)
Visible dimensions 3D display: 1,208 x 824 mm
Outer dimensions of light box: 1,272 x 888 x 65 mm

2R0 (approx. DIN 2A0)
Visible dimensions 3D display: 1,656 x 1,208 mm
Outer dimensions of light box: 1,736 x 1.288 x 85 mm

R2 approx. 11 kg with light box
R1 approx. 19 kg with light box
R0 approx. 34 kg with light box
2R0 approx. 70 kg with light box

Operating voltage
230 V – 50 Hz

Power consumption
R2 53-57 W
R1 108-115 W
R0 215-230 W
2R0 430-460 W