26. Jan 2016

REALEYES Airport Advertising Network

Now available at German airports. Offer your customers the best 3D advertising locations.

Offer your customers the best 3D advertising locations.
There is no other group of people hereabouts with such high incomes and such an affinity for luxury as the tens of thousands of private and business customers that frequent Germany’s airports. Thanks to its unique advertising effect, REALEYES 3D displays now give access to even better reachability to these important groups of consumers. Mercedes Benz and Microsoft have already implemented it into their airport campaigns - by using our genuine 3D displays. You can now make bookings with us for the REALEYES Airport Network at various busy airports, such as Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne, Nuremburg or Frankfurt.

Make a request for our 3D advertising rates with the all-inclusive airport prices, and you will see that, for example, a three-month booking of a REALEYES 3D Airport Campaign with five locations can be yours from just €7,457 per month, per location.

REALEYES Column with 3D display for Windows 8 at the airport of Duesseldorf.
26. Jan 2016

No need for glasses or any other accessory

Genuine 3D can only be seen with REALEYES! 3D Displays by REALEYES - really just with light field technology!

Have you heard of it too? First you have to put on a clunky pair of glasses. Either that, or awkwardly hold up a screen - or even squint, and strain your eyes. With many types of 3D media, there is no sign of the 3D effect whatsoever.

Not so with the genuine 3D of REALEYES!

REALEYES 3D displays are based on light field technology. No other method can make a more realistic 3D effect. The 3D visual experience is thereby vastly more attention-grabbing in comparison to other 3D advertising media, let alone compared with mere two-dimensional placards.

Three ways to recognize a genuine REALEYES 3D Display

1. Motifs on REALEYES 3D displays come out up to two meters in front of the screen itself, and then float there so realistically that you’d think you could actually touch them. Most onlookers actually try and do so - again and again, they try and grasp the three-dimensional projections, and engage proactively with the motifs and their messages. And although you obviously can’t actually touch the display, the projection is no optical illusion. You don’t believe it? Then, the next time you see a REALEYES 3D display, just keep one eye shut - you will nonetheless still be able to see a three-dimensional image.

2. Motifs on REALEYES 3D displays don’t just float clearly in front of you - they can clearly be seen to stand out several meters in front of the display. In theory, there is therefore an endlessly-large space with which to fill an image, that provides a huge amount of practical space for even more exciting projections. Even the design of genuine 3D motifs knows no limits. No matter whether it’s people, animals, sensations or just objects, graphics or written messages - anything is possible with genuine 3D! That’s what the special 3D effects are for: subtle reflections, for example, or refraction of water and light, but also shimmering and gloss effects, flames that flicker in every direction or exploding, flying fragments of glass.

3. Motifs on REALEYES 3D displays can be viewed from every angle. From above or below, from either side - there are absolutely no limitations. The 3D image will nevertheless look different with every different direction from which it is viewed. Depending on where the REALEYES 3D display is viewed from, the same motif will always also have a top, bottom or side view. These aspects can be so varied that certain details of a motif can be hidden behind others. Or, to put that slightly better: You can see them from certain viewing angles, but not from others. Well then - that’s just downright crying out for a competition!

Has your curiosity been aroused by the genuine 3D of REALEYES? Take a look at our website. There you will find plenty of other suggestions. Alternatively, give us a call. That way we can bring your enthusiasm for genuine 3D to life using your own ideas.

REALEYES glasses-free 3D display.
17. Dec 2015

Kramp at the Agritechnica 2015

The world’s largest trade fair for agricultural machinery and equipment.

Kramp is one-stop supplier of spare parts, technical services and business solutions and a strategic partner for agricultural, landscaping and forestry companies, as well as for the earth-moving industry sector and OEM companies.

Booth Kramp GmbH, Agritechnica 2015, Hannover.
14. Oct 2015

Frankfurter Book Fair 2015

REALEYES sales partner Rehmbrand Medienservice from Munich at the Frankfurter Book Fair 2015 at the exhibition booth C.H.Beck, Hall 3.1, No. E 124 with a 3D display. Visiters are welcome!

Frankfurter Book Fair 2015, booth C.H.Beck, Hall 3.1, No. E 124.
05. Sep 2015

REALEYES meets Harvard October 2015


We are bringing together the Challengers and Champions of key industries with students, young professionals and VIPs from business, politics and academia.

Both recently founded startups and industry leaders showcase the latest innovation & technology trends that drive growth and prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic.

The hottest startups will have the unique opportunity to pitch their businesses in front of top notch U.S. investors.

Here you will find more information.

REALEYES 3D Display at the Innovation Lounge at the Harvard Conference 2015.
18. Jun 2015

Beck’s in the third dimension at the POS

Anheuser-Busch InBev comes up with new marketing ideas.

During CW 26-35, AB InBev will be drawing three-dimensional attention to the Beck’s brand on the retail market, to support the “Night of your life” promotion. Here, you can find the first article in the press.

Beck’s “Night of your life” promotion in LEH (food retailing). Creative agencies involved: mock & more advertising in Münster and bitflare in Berlin.
12. Jun 2015

POWER-GEN Europe 2015, Amsterdam

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH unsing REALEYES 3D technology at the POWER-GEN in order to get more traffic.

Since being established in 1993, the POWER-GEN Europe represents the largest and most comprehensive conference and exhibition for the European electricity and power technology sector.

Glasses-free 3D display for Mitsubishi Hitachi Systems Europe.
11. May 2015

Bundesgartenschau 2015

REALEYES is present with a 3 sqm 3D display on the BUGA in the Havel Region from 18 April to 11 October.

The Federal Garden Show is present on five sites along the Havel river. You find the display in the optic park in Rathenow.

REALEYES 3D display BUGA 2015.
13. Apr 2015

RK Rose+Krieger at the Hannover Messe 2015

The world’s biggest industrial fair

Rose+Krieger 3D display, Hannover Messe 2015, Hall 16/Stand E18.
18. Dec 2014

Staff campaign German railway company Deutsche Bahn in Munich December 2014

REALEYES 3D display Pasing-Arcaden, Pasinger Bahnhofsplatz, Munich.